World Kindness Week

The World Kindness Week ChallengeStarts on Sunday.png

I have decided to do a World Kindness Week Challenge, and if you're reading this then I'm guessing you're into acts of kindness.

Maybe you like to see the impact your acts of kindness has on other people, perhaps it gives you a sense of value and purpose. Maybe it runs deeper than that and kindness is part of your family culture and it is something you seriously believe it.

What ever the reason - we can't deny that acts of kindness do wonders for our self-esteem and overall happiness - from being kind to others or the fact that people take their time to be kind to us. Life is so busy, it's understandable that people may pass this boost to self by, without realising what their missing.

But not you!!

If you want to take part in my World Kindness Week Challenge - enter your details below and I will send you an email each morning with a prompt. From there, I ask that you interpret the prompt, be creative - and go be kind!!

Entries for the challenge are welcome from anywhere, up until November 11th.

It would be great if we could share this across social media platforms and help me spread the word - #WKWchallenge2017 #peoplematter !!

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