Me and my Social Anxiety

Sometimes we like to know where the trainer is coming from when they deliver training on such an emotive subject; is it just their training and/or their experiences? In this blog I briefly share my experiences of social anxiety and the group I offer to you.

What makes the Holistic Mental Health Workshop so Unique?

Are you looking for something to help with your stress, anxiety and/or depression? Are you sitting on the fence about the Holistic Mental Health Workshop? Are you not quite sure if it's what you need? Are you wondering why we claim it is unique? Have a read of this blog and get in touch if you have any more questions

Wonder how You Could use Coaching to Support You as a Parent?

Permission was given by this client to share her fears as a parent and how coaching helped. Her son had started to use compulsions to manage his anxiety around safety; this blog demonstrates how coaching with me played an important role for him and his Mum.