Family Crest Activity

This is a fabulous activity to do with the whole family or with individual children. With a little creativity, it can be a really useful tool, whatever your aim. I have explained how to use the tool and have given some examples of how I may use it too. Make sure you get information like this by signing up to my newsletter for parents and carers!

My Top 5 Tips and Useful Phrases when Talking to Children about Mental Health

On the run up to my keynote speech at the Exhale Mental Health Showcase, I'm sharing my top 5 tips and useful phrases, for when you're talking to children about mental health.

Wonder how You Could use Coaching to Support You as a Parent?

Permission was given by this client to share her fears as a parent and how coaching helped. Her son had started to use compulsions to manage his anxiety around safety; this blog demonstrates how coaching with me played an important role for him and his Mum.