8 Strategies for Helping your Anxious Child

When I speak with parents and carers about their child’s anxiety, the parent/carer is rarely without anxiety about their child’s anxiety. “What do I need to do to help them?” “Am I making it worse?” are familiar questions. In this blog I give 8 strategies which, when used consistently, can promote emotional awareness, communication and reduced worry and fear; for the parents, carers and children

Concerns around Joining a Therapy Group

Starting therapy can feel like a huge up hill struggle, add a group setting in the mix and you can be forgiven if you run a mile. However, group therapy is a brilliant option for many reasons yet, you may find you’re already talking yourself out of it. If that’s the case, I answer 6 common concerns from my inquiries in this blog post.

Family Crest Activity

This is a fabulous activity to do with the whole family or with individual children. With a little creativity, it can be a really useful tool, whatever your aim. I have explained how to use the tool and have given some examples of how I may use it too. Make sure you get information like this by signing up to my newsletter for parents and carers!

The Right to be Me

Stella Eden, survivor of domestic abuse and author, shares the last page of her book in hope that it helps other women in similar situations, the find the courage to change their lives too.