What makes the Holistic Mental Health Workshop so Unique?

Have you ever attended a course/workshop that makes promises to enhance your experience in life, but are left feeling bereft and wondering what went wrong?

You're not on your own, I know I have and I know friends who have too - I think in part, it's because there is so much information out there, that one course can never contain it all; and if it did, you'd be there for an awfully long time. I also think that sometimes, depending on the nature of the course, attendees need  support to make their new knowledge usable. I love it when a client says to me "OK, I hear what you're saying, but how do I do that?" or "what would that look like in real life?" I think this is an important part of training and workshops too.

I believe the two things mentioned there already, are what makes the Holistic Mental Health Workshop so unique!

Stress, anxiety and depression are personal experiences, they are symptoms of personal circumstance; which means one size will not fit all. When I work 1:1 with a client, we have the opportunity to explore their history, their coping strategies, their support network and their lifestyle - but in a workshop, there's little time and the issue of emotional safety to consider. The Holistic Mental Health Workshop has 2 specialist trainers from 2 different specialist backgrounds - what I can't attend to, Emma more than likely can and vise versa.


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We know that mental health is more than brain or emotional functioning, we have to treat our body as a whole in order for it to function at it's best; this is exactly what the workshop facilitates you to do. We cover the following components to managing stress, anxiety and depression:

  • Emotions - the role our emotions play in the symptoms and how they can also be an influential barrier to breaking the overwhelming cycles
  • Psychology - how thoughts are linked to emotions and behaviours, how re-framing can create big shifts and strategies that work
  • Physical - how you can use exercise to improve your mental health and release endorphins
  • Nutrition - foods to use and foods to avoid, how to create nutritionally dense meals for when you don't feel like eating

Arguably, and we would say so, we have doubled up on the usual content you have in any other workshop for your mental health.

Furthermore, we have created this workshop so that it is interactive - we get you moving, we get you thinking and creating and best of all, we get you tasting!! We will both be around to help you shape all this knowledge, to fit your lifestyle.

If it's work that is the problem; it will be less problematic when you leave this course.

If it's your personal life - then get ready to make some all important changes.

If you're a carer, then speak with us and let us help you create a more balanced care exchange, where you are important too.

We know that the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression can make it hard for you to attend something like this - if that's the case for you, reach out and build some kind of relationship with us early on. Ask us questions, share what's holding you back...remember - this is about changing your patterns!

You can read more about the Holistic Mental Health Workshop, download a full PDF information pack and find out how to book your place.

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