World Hello Day

If you're not familiar with my blogs or social media forums, then it's probably worth telling you now - that relationships run through the centre of everything I do. I try and encourage positive relationships, I work with people who have unhealthy relationships, people who struggle to embrace the intimacy available in their relationships and those who are still suffering pain from their relationships; to us as humans, relationships are pretty much everything.

As a write this, we're not yet at the end of World Kindness Week; I have thoroughly enjoyed engagement from those who signed up for my Kindness Challenge - and yet already, there's another opportunity for contact. 

November 21st is World Hello Day...OK - are you getting sick of these awareness days? This day was actually created in 1978 due to the conflict between Israel and Egypt and since in 2017 the world is still filled with conflict - I think it's just as significant today.

We can become consumed and almost blinkered by anger, because it's all around us - like any type of change, it starts small, it's about education, it's about commitment and it's about doing it together. This November 21st will obviously not change the world but it can change someone's mood, someone's experience of the day, it could mean that the person you walked by and said hello to, actually spoke to someone today.

From now until the 21st, I encourage you to share this blog and tell people it's soon to be World Hello Day, and get them to take part!

On November 21st, I challenge you to say hello to 10 strangers...

If you share on social media use #hellowithalex so I can share your experiences too.