Coaching for Parents

My coaching service allows parents and carers the opportunity to address the challenges they face raising their children.

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What is coaching for parents?

Through various methods, I provide parents & carers with a safe space to develop their knowledge and understanding around the challenges they face raising their children. Through my carer, I have seen parents & carers grow in confidence and ability to support their children’s emotional, psychological and developmental needs, therefore enhancing their mental health.

At times, the challenges parents & carers face are underpinned by difficult experiences of their own, my training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy allows me to provide them with the therapeutic knowledge and holding to facilitate their awareness and help them move forward.

How can you work with me?

I work in various ways with parents & carers and and sometimes with no cost!

  • You can work with me 1:1 at my office or online - click here to inquire.

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coaching for parents

Coaching for Parents can:

  • offer strategies to help you understand your child’s emotional and biological development

  • help you work through the challenges you have with parenting the way you want, to improve your relationship with your children through an understanding of attachment

  • develop your understanding of mental health, self-esteem and emotional literacy

  • help you become more confident in supporting your children

  • reduce the need for external services

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