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It's important that school children and young people have access to support around their mental health; most of my adult clients describe how their difficulties started in childhood and have become so ingrained due to the lack of awareness and early intervention.

It's important for schools that their pupils stay well and available for learning. It's also important for schools too then, that their pupils are aware of their own mental health, how to function well within it and how to access and accept support.

All the areas of work in school promote positive mental health, mental health awareness, school attendance, healthy relationships with peers, their teachers and between their teachers and carers.

Taking an holistic approach to your school's mental health will maximise the outcomes for the school and pupils.

Important Information:

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Using consultancy in your school will allow teachers to access therapeutic theory to develop personalised plans of your pupils and address ways to encourage their parents or carers to play an active role; with an overall aim of promoting attendance, willingness to learn and achievement.

I share theory and practical strategies to aid thinking and teaching and to address individual behaviours and difficulties.

Using Transactional Analysis, a theory of personality, relationships and communication, can be a very beneficial tool for teachers in the classroom as a whole, but specifically for managing behaviours and attending to the emotional and developmental needs of individual pupils whilst they continue to teach.

Teachers have a very stressful and important role to play in the lives of the children they teach, sometimes behaviour is taken personally or teachers can have real difficulty fighting what the behaviours and attitudes in the classroom can trigger for them. This is an important aspect of the barriers teachers experience in their work; using consultancy in your school will provide your teachers with an opportunity to work through these barriers, developing awareness and a new frame of reference to work from. This in turn has benefits for the relationships between teachers and their pupils.

Consultancy works by appointment in your own school and your convenience.

The length of each session is dependant on the number of teachers present and the fees are determined by the length of the session.


Bespoke training packages are designed in consultation with the teachers of each school to insure their professional and practical needs are met.

Transactional Analysis, a theory of personality, relationships and communication, underpins the content of all training.

Here are some examples of bespoke training designed for a Hull school:

  • Identifying behaviours that are an invitation for enactment - how children use their
    behaviours to create an environment that is familiar and therefore safe for them.
    When we understand the motivation behind their behaviours, we are able to respond in a way that soothes the child, therefore de-escalating the behaviour and creating a healthier outcome for the child.

  • How to use what we say and do, to create a different outcome for children - using the TA theory of Ego States, we will explore the origins of your behaviours and communication and how we can use this in the classroom when managing difficult behaviours.

  • Identifying the best contact for each child - on the surface we may think we need to
    treat all children the same, but depending on their capacity to express themselves, by treating everyone the same, we are missing huge opportunities to make meaningful contact and develop their strengths. This training helps you identify different personality types and how best to make contact/communicate with them. Great for structuring and designing inclusive lessons.

Training sessions are arranged per individual school and fees are set by package and length of session, not by number of attendeese.

Group Work

I have worked in primary and high schools for over 12 years, offering creative therapeutic group work for the specialised needs of pupils. I offer groups in the following areas:

  • Self-esteem

  • Developing Emotional Awareness

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety

Fees are determined by the length and duration of the groups.

Mental Health Awareness

I offer all local schools and colleges 1 hour of my time for free, in order to raise awareness of mental health and teach children and young people how they can manage and maintain a positive mental health.

I strongly believe that we need to continually fight the stigma around mental health, thus reducing the barriers people face in understanding their difficulties and accessing the right kind of support.

I understand the impact of things like social media on the lives of children and young people, though I think if we better equip our young people to better manage and develop their resilience, they will be able to access these types of content without the negative mental health backlash we see so often today.

Feedback from Local Schools and Colleges:

"The children got the opportunity to talk about and at the very least, think, about mental health issues and how we are all different. Positive comments about the assembly have been made by the pupils since the assembly."

"We discussed as an SLT about the younger pupils being able to access the content of what you may discuss, but his did not prove a problem on the day as you delivered it in a very clear way for younger pupils."

"Alex delivered the assembly in a professional, child friendly way enabling our
pupils to respond with insightful answers to develop their awareness of mental health."

Feedback from Parents:

"As a mum to an autistic little girl at this school this makes me beam with happiness! I love Parkstone and I love that they are encouraging this within their school!! It makes for a brighter more confident future for girls like my S*****! Thank you so much! "

"Hi this is fantastic. As a child of an Autistic boy who suffers from mental health issues. We are currently seeing CAMHS. This is fantastic and Thank you."

"As a mum with children at Parkstone I’m glad this has been talked about I suffer with mental health and my mum also did. The issue I have I have been told can be hereditary so I’m worried my children may end up the same. Thank you for doing this I will speak to my children tonight about it x"



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