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How to get your Children Talking

FREE Group Masterclass

Do you have primary school aged children and struggle to get them talking about their feelings or their thoughts on situations?

Are the words 'I don't know' all too familiar? Or perhaps you're seeing behavioural signs that something is wrong but they're struggling to articulate what's happening...

In this live Masterclass, I will discuss the important things to consider when you are trying to engage your primary school aged children to discuss their emotions or their thoughts around difficult topics. I will use my 12 years experience of working with children in the area of trauma and abuse and give you a step-by-step 'how to' when it comes to creating an activity and opportunity to talk. This live Masterclass will run alongside a Facebook Live.

If you are not on Facebook you don't have to miss out, you can register for the Masterclass (which is held via Zoom) here: How to get your Children Talking.

What's the difference between the Facebook Live and the Masterclass?

The Facebook Live will be hosted via my main Facebook Page which means all the comments and questions made during the live, will be seen by the Facebook community and will also be posted along with the video, on the page after the event.

The masterclass held via Zoom will be attended by registered people only, and will not be posted publicly afterwards.

Can I still ask questions on the Masterclass?

Yes of course. When using Zoom there is a chat option where you can type questions and comments; I will do my best to answer questions from both Facebook and Zoom but I will not share personal details.

How do I Register?

Click here to register for the Facebook Live

Click here to register for the Zoom Masterclass

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