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What's Important for Resilience?

Resilience in children

Mental health and well-being are being discussed increasingly in the media (hallelujah), our children seem to be challenged by life at times and as parents, carers and professionals, it can feel like we should have all the answers - but why would we?

Life is changing at a very quick pace, so please forgive yourself if your child appears to be one of those struggling, but do join this live so I can share my professional experience and knowledge with you which will soothe your misplaced guilt and shine light on what you can do to help them.

The event is aimed at parents, carers and teachers.

What we'll cover:

  • What is resilience?

  • How do we build/develop it?

  • Is it ever too late?

  • What do I look out for?

The event is held over on my Facebook page, if you're interested, please mark the event as 'going' or 'interested', which will increase the likelihood that you'll get the notifications on the run-up to the event. If you're new to my lives, I create blogs, videos and sometimes activities that will help build a foundation of understanding and I may refer to them in the live too.

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