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Have you been struggling on your own for long enough; tired of holding it in and going through the motions each day?

Perhaps you've considered therapy before but haven't been able to allocate the finances or are unsure if it's worth it? Maybe, being sat on your own opposite a therapist feels too intimidating and has stopped you picking up the phone.

Take action today and have weekly therapy at a reduced cost without having to sacrifice on the quality of the therapist, come join my therapy group which runs every Wednesday evening 7-9 pm.

Joining the therapy group will mean you get weekly therapy at a 30% reduced rate of £35 per week with a qualified, fully insured and very experienced psychotherapist. The group is held at my office on Princes Avenue which provides a relaxed and safe environment for you and the rest of the group to start moving forwards.


Contact me via telephone or email to discuss joining us.

How big is the therapy group?

The size of a therapy group differs depending on the nature of the group, space and therapist. This group has a maximum of 6 members and is ran as a membership group.

A membership group runs on the principle that all members show their commitment to themselves and the other group members by agreeing to attend and pay for all available sessions. There are 4 weeks a year whereby members can take leave from the group without payment. A membership agreement ensures the group is sustainable and all members benefit from others' attendance.

I want to join the group, what next?

The first thing you need to do is email or call me. It's really important that I speak with all potential clients to assess that what I am offering meets your needs, it also means you can get a feel for me too which will help you make this really important step.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of being in a Therapy Group.

Next, I will need to share your full name with the existing members to check that there are no boundary issues that will effect the process of the group. It is OK for people to know each other but family and intimate partner relationships do not work so well and if there are any outstanding issues of conflict, these may need to be worked through first.

Once you have decided that you would like to proceed, we will make appointments for three 1:1 sessions. This is an opportunity to expand on the reasons which have brought you to the group; allowing us to gain some awareness around what has impacted your life, the support you have outside of the group and the changes you would like to make.

Why have group therapy over 1:1 therapy?

As a therapist, through the process of my training, I have been a client in both individual and group settings. I can honestly say I had fantastic experiences and outcomes from both but the benefits of group therapy were less obvious to me at the time. I have written a blog to help answer this question for you, using both my experience of and training in group therapy: What are the Benefits to Group Therapy? 

I have some concerns, can I check these out with you?

Of course you have some concerns, this is really normal, so much so that I have created a blog using the 6 most common concerns of joining the therapy group taken from past inquiries. If there's something I haven't covered, then please don't hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call; it's important that you get the opportunity to work through any concerns before joining.


I understand the need for potential members to see the value in joining one of my groups and so I have collected some feedback from previous group members to help your decision.

My first impressions were that I could trust Alex, along with any other people attending the group. The environment was informal and relaxing and although I felt nervous and apprehensive to begin with, Alex soon made me feel at ease and looking forward to what I could achieve if I continued with the sessions.


Alex gave me courage and reassurance and showed me how I have the ability, knowledge and a new way of thinking to be able to make little adjustments that I can use for the rest of my life.


I’ve seen numerous counsellors and psychiatrists about my anxiety, but I have never been able to understand it like I did when I worked with Alex.


I was terrified of being seen and judged by other people in the group, but everyone has been really supportive and the impact of having the group has been invaluable in helping work through some barriers

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