Training is available for individuals and corporate services and you can see all current training and workshop events over on the events page.


I offer training and workshops for:

  • parents who wish to develop skills in order for them to support their children’s emotional awareness and development

  • individuals who wish to actively learn more about mental health and well-being to improve their own life or management in certain areas

  • businesses who recognise the benefit of employee well-being. Providing in-house training that promotes employee’s ability to self care and communicate any personal difficulties that are impacting their ability to work. Encouraging support seeking and reducing sickness

  • schools to equip teaching staff with knowledge and confidence in dealing with the increasingly stressful job and responsibilities of teaching our children.

There are areas of my life where I imagine there would have been very different outcomes if it wasn’t for my training and my experience in personal therapy. The fact that I was aware of my needs and my barriers, whilst also being able to meet them or ask for support, meant I was ultimately, always in control.

I was able to use my skills and personal awareness to make my life and my career work for me; and for that reason, I am very passionate about sharing it with others.

I offer standard training which is showcased on my events page and bespoke training to meet the needs of your company or organisation. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke event in more detail.

Alex has a wide range and depth of knowledge which translates extremely well to the training room. Alex’s knowledge represents an integration of theoretical models and practical experiences, which create a sense of credibility and respect; the training is grounded within reality yet is also challenging. Alex is an excellent communicator and has many skills in ensuring an even balance of contribution within the group (which was about 25 in size), and gently challenging perceptions and knowledge. A mixture of talking, physical activities and small group exercise meant the group were kept stimulated and engaged throughout. Overall, an excellent session from both mine and the students viewpoint; creating new perspectives and cementing existing knowledge.
— Vicky Burton; BA Programme Director, School of Health & Social Work. Hull University.

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