Watch helpful videos below which cover a wide-range of topics ranging from anxiety, depression, self-confidence and life-hacks.

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Facebook live: Understanding Anger in Children & Young People.

There are lots of accompanying blogs that I shared before the live event, click here to see more.

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Facebook live: How to get your children talking.

In this video I share my experience of working with children and young people & how I develop my toolkit that facilitates children to understand and express their feelings.

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Facebook live: Understanding Anger in Children & young people.

We looked at what anxiety is and how you as parents and carers can help your children understand and navigate their emotions. There are lots of blogs about this - click here to go to the parent and carer section.

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Social Anxiety Process Group Starts in 1 Week

At the time of recording this, there are 2 places left in the group and 1 week until starts. This video offers some further insight into what you can expect from being a member of the group. You can inquire and book your place here.

There's also further reading available: Do I have Social Anxiety? Me and my Social Anxiety and 10 Reasons to join the Social Anxiety Process Group


Interview with Hope and Hannah for Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018

Raising awareness for Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Hope & Hannah talk about the blogs they wrote for my site, their similiar, yet different experiences of anorexia, the inner dialogue of eating disorders & recovery.


New Year Accountability Community

Information about the New Year Accountability Community; and why you should join!


Social Anxiety Process Group

Here's what you can expect from my Social Anxiety Process Group starting October 25th, 2017.


Back to School: Managing Your Children's Worries

Here's a video to demonstrate a few ideas that will help with separation anxiety and how to explore your child's experiences and emotions.


Anxiety and the Brain

A short video to describe in which ways our brain can change and how we can re-train it to work for us.


living in the moment

This live video for Facebook, explores why living in the moment is beneficial and how you can improve your ability to do it

TA and anxiety

Here’s a video posted to my Facebook Page which demonstrates what you might expect if you work with a therapist who uses Transactional Analysis when working with anxiety. 

6 areas to consider when trying to improve your well-being

This video was created for Facebook – if you want to improve your well-being but are unsure on where to start; consider these 6 areas… Good luck!!

The bridge between suicide and life

Kevin Briggs shares his experiences of working closely, at possibly the most significant times of their lives, with people who feel their only option is to end their lives. Like many other issues, I think suicide is arguably one which people fear and avoid.

The man box

In a previous blog ‘What Kind of Man do you Want for your Child‘ I mentioned Tony Porter and used the diagram he used on his talk on TED to illustrate the restricted behaviours we can put onto our young men. 

A Black Dog Called Depression

When speaking with clients or family and friends, I have sent them onto YouTube to view this video as a way increasing awareness of something that 1 in 5 of us will experience.

Neil Pasricha - The 3 A's of Awesome

Neil Pasricha talks on TED, it is heart filled and humorous. He provides us with 2 options when faced with unthinkable pain, he suggests we embrace the 3 year old inside us. Watch to find out more.

Ego States

I’ve been looking to find an audio that explains the concept of ego states, like I have mentioned in previous blogs How can Transactional Analysis help you? and Feeling Unimportant and Missed; I think this one is great.