What can Coaching offer You?

In recent years I've seen life coaching go from fad to fab - I wonder if it's something to do with the diminishing stiff upper lip and 'crack on' ethos, which means we're more open to help and voicing our difficulties.

There are two ways to access coaching - there's one-to-one and there are groups, which often seem to be held on-line. I want to share the benefits with you, benefits that I've experienced as I work with coaches for support and accountability around my business.

There's a clear distinction between counselling and coaching which you can read here in my previous blog.

Firstly, you don't have to work with a coach to make progress, that is a fact, but you will benefit from working with a coach if you struggle with motivation, creating deadlines and boundaries that help you progress at the desired rate, and if you need some help to think outside the box for the task in hand.

Coaching offers:

  • Objectivity - it is human nature to create mental short cuts in order to save time and predict situations. Unfortunately, these short cuts can keep us stuck in a familiar place instead of helping us to develop a growth mindset. If we encounter a problem a few times, we may develop a belief and use that belief to guide us the next time the problem comes around. What if the belief is false, and all it takes is a different mindset and/or skill set to make the big move? Working with a coach allows you to access their practical thinking, allowing you to test your reality and up-date those mental short cuts.
  • Resources - a coaches resources are often created using their experience of working with clients in similar circumstances to you and have probably been tried and tested. They aim to motivate you, help you track your thinking and to think outside the box. Something like a Value Assessment for example, allows you to have a greater awareness of what is important to you, what drives and inspires you. Imagine building your life around that knowledge; how satisfying and meaningful it might be compared to right now.
  • Accountability - it seems that this is a reason some people will avoid coaching; having someone or a group of people there to check in with you and see how you're getting on with that deadline. Arguably, they will not want accountability because of the strong emotional reaction they may have, if they don't deliver. It is that strong reaction which motivates you when you have accountability. Having accountability means your internal control is complimented/reinforced with external  support; driving your performance. It creates the sense of commitment, not just to yourself, but your coach or coaching members, and it provides you with honest feedback and the possibility of lessons already learnt.

A coach will work with you from the beginning to the end of a project. You may have an idea and it may only be an itch at this stage, but a coach is trained to explore and create your journey with you. 

Why clients work with me:

  1. They're a parent and want to borrow my experience and knowledge to facilitate them to parent their desired way. Sometimes there are family difficulties that they want support to navigate and sometimes, they struggle to understand their children but want to learn so they can best support them.
  2. They've realised I have skills they want and chose to work with me to develop their own in that area. Sometimes my training and experience in the context of relationships, emotions and communication, encourage clients to contact me expressing an interest in improving  their ability in those areas.
  3. They have a goal and are committed to making it a success, but are aware that they work best with a sense of partnership or they're struggling to develop clarity with what needs to happen next.
  4. They often experience high levels of stress and/or burn-out and want to manage this better.

Are you wondering if you could benefit from working with a coach but you have some questions you'd still like to explore? Contact me here and I'll do my best to answer them for you.