Counselling and Psychotherapy


I have been working therapeutically with individuals and groups in varying capacities, since 2012. I work continuously to improve my services by attending regular training and having clinical supervision.

I believe everyone is unique and I’m fully committed to understanding you and what you bring to your sessions. Click here to read more about me.

I work within the BACP codes of ethics, offering a confidential and non-judgemental place for you to work through the challenges that bring you into therapy.

I have a fully enhanced police check Certificate Number: 001643196557

I am insured with Oxygen Insurance and am registered with the ICO.

I offer both short-term and long-term counselling and psychotherapy to:

I can work with you to:

  • recover from historical or recent trauma

  • to work through any challenges you experience in your relationships

  • to break patterns of substance misuse and risk taking behaviours

  • to manage a healthier life, reducing anxiety and stress

  • manage overwhelming anger

  • improve your confidence and self-esteem

  • break free from the impact of abuse

  • help process difficult life events such as loss, separation and bereavement

  • live outside of depression

My office is located on Princes Avenue (Hull) and it offers a safe and relaxing space to work through your therapeutic needs. I also offer sessions online vie email and instant messaging though this isn’t suitable for everyone. Please get in touch if this is something you would like to discuss.

I produce regular blog content which you may want to use to get an idea of how I work, and if I'm a good fit for you.


Individuals (sessions are 50 minutes)

  • £50

Couples (sessions are 1.5 hours)

  • £90

Group (sessions are 2 hours)

  • £35 pp

I operate a 48 hour cancellation policy within which time, a full session fee is required.

Therapy Group

I run a therapy group for a maximum of 6 members, every Wednesday 7-9 pm. All members have engaged in a minimum of three 1:1 sessions with me before entering the group to ensure the group's and individual's need can be met. 

There are a number of advantages to joining a therapy group, here are a few:

  1. The fee is substantially lower at £35 per session

  2. You receive 2 hours of therapeutic support each week (usually 1 hr)

  3. You're able to offer support as well as receive it

  4. You're able to see and feel that you're not alone

My first impressions were that I could trust Alex, along with any other people attending the group. The environment was informal and relaxing and although I felt nervous and apprehensive to begin with, Alex soon made me feel at ease and looking forward to what I could achieve if I continued with the sessions.

Click here to read the benefits of group therapy.

I would recommend joining the group if

  1. you've previously had therapy and are looking to maintain your achievements and/or have some weekly accountability

  2. you have a good level of awareness regarding what difficulties you're experiencing

  3. you're wanting to work on your self-care and self-awareness

  4. you're looking to create a safe space for you to talk and manage your life

  5. you have some historical experiences to process and would like a group to support you through this

  6. groups are something you generally avoid but would like to develop awareness around this and learn to manage yourself in this context

  7. you struggle to communicate your needs with your friends and family

Click here to read the top 6 concerns people have about joining the group.

Alex gave me courage and reassurance and showed me how I have the ability, knowledge and a new way of thinking to be able to make little adjustments that I can use for the rest of my life. 

For further information, please visit the Therapy Group page

Pregnancy Bridging Package

Are you pregnant and getting close to finishing work for maternity leave?

It this your first baby and you're wondering what life has in store for you, during the next 6 months?

This Pregnancy Bridging Package is for women who want emotional support around leaving work to be a new Mum, and who want further support when returning back to work as a working parent.

Having a baby changes everything; it is a huge invitation to think and feel different about many things - one significant element of this is your identity. This package allows you to have pre-booked appointments with me, before you start maternity leave and before you go back to work. We will work through your fears and process what it means for you to be/become a Mum in your already well-established life. We can talk anxiety, relationships, self-care, well-being and much more.

I relied heavily on my experience in personal therapy and my awareness from my training to get through the first year of my baby's life - it still wasn't easy but it would have been so much harder without what I knew.

Head over to my Fees and Packages for price details.


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