Is your partner reluctant to go into counselling with you?

Working with couples is so different than working with individuals, there are 3 processes to consider; my own and each person in the couple, but often there's a barrier that needs to be attended to first.

Recently, I have had inquiries about working with couples, I always check out that both parties are up for it and often the answer is yes; until our first meeting is arranged. It's not uncommon for me to speak with one person, to make an appointment, to then receive a call cancelling the session as one of them isn't ready.

It's very important that both individuals are willing to work on the relationship and here is a link to an article I recently read, that offers a few suggestions on how to increase your likelihood of getting your partner to the first appointment; willingly.

What to Do When Your Partner Won’t Go to Therapy with You

If you would like to inquire about couples counselling, please feel free to contact me to make an appointment or ask any questions.