Your Chance to Watch the Replay of the Self-Esteem Online Workshop

One of the services I offer in private practice is Therapeutic Parenting - the opportunity for parents and carers to explore and discuss their parenting challenges, to identify unknown and unmet needs in their children, to see beyond behaviours and to enhance their capacity to parent effectively.

One way I do this is by creating lots of online content in the form of blogs, videos and more recently, workshops. In April 2019, I ran an online workshop about self-esteem, if you missed it, don’t worry because you can watch the replay as a gift for signing up to my Newsletter for Parents & Carers!

Before you claim your gift and watch the replay - you may want to check out this blog first (or you can come back to it) What is Self-esteem and Why is it Important?

In the video we:

Develop A Frame Work For Thinking About Self-Esteem.

This will allow you to see self-esteem less as a floating concept and more as tangible object that you can work with.

Highlight The Signs That Indicate Your Child May Benefit From Some Help From You.

There are many developmental stages that children naturally go through, which seem challenging for them, but don't necessarily mean they have low self-esteem. Having an understanding of this can allow you to be mindful, without worry, and feel confident in facilitating them.

Ask Ourselves Can It Be Changed And Who Can Change It?

This work shop is about empowering you to be the significant other in your children's development - because with knowledge and a toolkit, you absolutely can!

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