Every Monday I share self-care prompts on my Facebook Page, yet it seems to take the impact of something like the 'Thriving at Work' report to get the realities of stress, anxiety and depression into everyone's homes...then I jump on the back of it and share the hell out of the information I have for you.

Here are 3 images I did, following the report; I shared it on social media and there was a huge reaction. It's almost as if we need our experiences validating by something big - like a government report, to allow us to acknowledge that we're struggling. That being said, I'm glad we, as a society, are slowly but surely accepting that we have limited capacities and that sometimes we need more information or we need someone to help us out of the rut we're in...

In 2018 I am running a very unique workshop that will transform how you manage your stress, anxiety and/or depression. I have partnered up Dr Emma Kirke who compliments my emotional and psychological knowledge with nutritional and physical ways that you can manage your well-being. Read more about our Holistic Mental Health Workshop.