The Importance of Knowing Yourself

I attended a training course in Lincoln a few weeks ago which gave me lots of food for thought regarding a training course I am developing; but also, it got me wondering how I can pass this information over to the visitors on my site - YOU.

Today I found a wonderful way to begin, instead of reinventing the wheel, I would share the article below with you.

In her article 'Mirror, mirror in your brain', Debbie Hampton talks about how important it is to be aware of your own feelings in order to connect and understand others.

Often, when working with clients, we work together to increase their awareness of what their early experiences were like and though it may seem odd, we go right back to being a baby.

We are born with an incomplete neural system and interaction with our caregivers is needed for it's development to continue beyond our birth. Bodily sensations and mirroring are a big part of the interactions we need for our brains, our developing relationship with the other and our sense of being, yet so often; for a multitude of reasons, these experiences can be absent or thwarted. When this is the case, it has implications for our relationship with ourselves and relationships with others, after all, our most earliest of relationships are strong indicators of our relationships in our teens and adulthood.

I'll follow this post with one on attachment within the same context; it's all food for thought isn't it!

Here's a book you may find interesting if you like the theme of this blog:

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