Coping with the grief, of a miscarriage

Coping with the grief of a miscarriage.png

People hold so many views about what it means to have a miscarriage, sometimes people become consumed by other peoples' views that they struggle to make meaning for themselves. Some people see it as punishment for a life choice made prior to conception, perhaps a long time before conception, and some people feel as though it isn't enough to grieve for.

*It is estimated that 20% of pregnancies miscarry.

I found this blog which offers ways to cope with a miscarriage, it's my view that there is no wrong or right way to deal with something like this, that it's about playing around with strategies suggested and found, to see what fits for you.

Blaming, fear, anxiety, isolation and self criticism are some of the themes I hear when working with clients that have experienced a miscarriage; feel free to share this post to anyone who you know is struggling to process their loss.

Coping with a Miscarriage by Lizzi Rogers.

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