Positive Stress?

positive stress.jpg

I recognise that an element of stress in my own life is useful for me and yet too much stress has a negative impact which can take some time to recover from. Ian Tomlinson in his article, How To Change Your Negative Stress And Use It As A Positive, talks about the different kinds of stress, how you can create some positive stress to maintain performance in areas of your life and how having control of your stress is crucial.

Ian explains the science of stress giving only the information you need to know to understand it and then make a change; he offers techniques which are useful for either managing stress or creating resistance. If stress has been a long term part of your life, you may find it useful to work alongside a counsellor or therapist which can help give you the opportunity to look at some of your choices and behaviours that induce stress reactions.

To read Ian's article click here.