Permission in Poetry

How lovely is this poem...... giving people the permission to access support, in what ever form they feel appropriate.

I’ve got this little problem,
Sometimes it floods my mind.
I’m sorry you can’t see it,
It’s hidden; to you it’s blind.

When I first got this problem,
I didn’t understand.
And everyone I spoke to,
Thought I lived in coo coo land.

But finally help I sorted,
From people who weren’t blind.
Of problems that can’t be seen.
That hides inside my mind.

So now it’s getting seen to,
For these people, they all care.
And now this little problem,
With you I want to share.

The Psychiatrist getting it sorted.
Cos it comes back from time to time.
This horrid little problem,
That’s deep inside my mind.

The doc said this little problem,
Can happen to any one.
It takes away the happiness,
The laughter, and the fun.

For those who don’t understand it,
Shouldn’t judge those that do.
Cos’ the balance of it happening
Next, yes it could be you.

When this problem gets on top of you,
And you feel low, and down inside.
Let someone know, just how you feel,
Reach out, and please don’t hide.

So if you get a problem,
In your mind deep in your head
Just remember you read this poem,
Don’t be down reach out instead.

By Daun Miles (